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  • BREED: Pomsky
  • GENDER: 3male(s) and 4female(s)
  • AVAILABILITY DATE: 2019-02-08
  • PRICE: $1100
  • LOCATION: Felton
  • COLOR: Black, White, Grey, Tan
  • BuyersProtect Yourself

This is our first and only litter, all the pups are being raised in house with our family and well socialized with our kids and their litter mates. You can meet the mother and father as well. All pups are Pomskies and were born on December 8th between Midnight and 7am. All pups are available to go home after Feb 8th with all up to date shots and deworming, vet paperwork will be provided.\r\n\r\nOreo is a 6 week old Pomsky and will be ready for his home after Feb 7th. Hes white, black, and grey and very fluffy. He has beautiful lighter blue eyes. He loves getting his belly rubbed and will lay in your arms on his back for a long time just to let you get that belly. His Mother and Father are both our dogs and you can meet them if you decide to pick up one of the pups.\r\n\r\nWinter is all white with a brown spot behind one ear and very relaxed. She likes to sleep and isn\'t into rough housing as much as the other pups. She tends to keep to herself a little more but is also very affectionate and loving.\r\n\r\nSpeckles is one of my favorites. She wants to be picked up constantly and loves to lick your face and eat my beard. Shes white and black speckled with brown eyes surrounded by a lighter hue. Shes such a sweetie and will be an awesome addition to your family.\r\n\r\nCrybaby is our sassy girl. She has a lot of energy and loves to rough house with the other pups. She has a very sleek coat and is darker than the rest of the pups. She has deep brown/grey eyes.\r\n\r\nBig Mac was the first born. Hes thicker than most of the other pups but is one of the calmest in the litter. He has the deepest, darkest, bluest eyes in the bunch. Hes very sweet and relaxed. His fur is super soft and he has a nice fluff to him.\r\n\r\nRunty was the last born as her name suggest she is the smallest in the litter. Shes a little fluff ball of fur and has a great personality., She has lighter blue eyes and will most likely remain the smallest of the bunch. I have a deep fondness for her as she took the most work from birth but she has come through it and is so loving and beautiful.\r\n\r\n$2300\r\nBear is the mini husky in the bunch. He has great markings and very soft fluffy fur. His eyes are a deep blue and he is very calm. When the others are crying he tends to lay there patiently. We fell in love with him. His is the only price that is very high as his particular markings and look go for 3500-4k